Nearby areas

Lammassaari and Vekurinveranta are located on the shores of lake Vekurijärvi (length approx. 2 km, width approx. 300 m) while Kaakonnokka lies on the shore of lake Kuusijärvi (length 4 km, width 0.5 km). Both lakes are rich in fish: a rod and line can catch roach and perch, while casting might even net you a pike. Fishing is also possible on lake Eväjärvi: a boat is available from the shore of Jorkiranta estate. Ask the host about fishing licences.

The forests of Jokiranta estate (100 ha) contain tracks for snowmobiles and forest roads and paths for jogging. There are also some good mushroom spots in the forests, as well as blueberries, raspberries and lingonberries during berry season.

Latest news

You can find announcements for local events and news below.


  • Iskelmä festival at Himos 24-27 June 2015
  • Mänttä Art Festival 14 June – 31 August 2015
  • Summer market at Länkipohja every Saturday morning


  • Särkänniemi – Särkänniemi Amusement Park in Tampere is only an hour’s drive. Fun for all ages.
  • Himos – Skiing and winter sports centre in Jämsä. Festivals in the summer.
  • Maivian pidot – Maivian pidot is an atmospheric venue near the village centre of Länkipohja. Catering available.
  • Rönni summer theatre – Shows throughout the summer, only a 30-minute drive.
  • Isojärvi National Park – Isojärvi National Park is located at the border of Längelmäki and Kuhmoinen. Distance from Highway 9 roughly 10 km. Guidance available. Park area approximately 1900 ha.


  • Längelmäen kylät – Längelmäen kylät contains information concerning current and upcoming events in the villages of Längelmäki. The service is well-maintained, with current information readily available.
  • Dance stage at Talviainen – The stage is located in the village of Talviainen. An itch for dancing may be scratched every summer Friday. Performers and detailed information on the website.
  • Dance stage at Rönnin – An authentic dance stage with modern and varied services. Performers and detailed information on the website.
  • Länkipohja summer market – A marketplace filled with activity in Länkipohja June-July-August every Saturday, 12 km away. The market opens at nine and lasts until noon.